About Ars Brevis Press

Ars Brevis Press is the brainchild of book artist K. Nelson Harper (aka Katie), who has used this press name since 1990, as the moniker under which to publish her many artist’s books. As an entity, Ars Brevis Press has spread appreciation for the art of fine printed communications wherever its little mark appears.

The logomark, by the way, comes from a 15th century Italian watermark, and if you think it looks like a man-eating flower, you are correct. Even in the 15th century, carnivorous flora was apparently of concern to astute individuals, just as it is today. The slogan, “Ars brevis et flora fames,” comes from the Latin, and, loosely translated, reads, “art is fleeting and flowers are hungry.” Just so.

K. Nelson Harper (Katie) holds a BFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute, as well as an MFA in book arts/printmaking from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Her background includes extensive work in letterpress and book arts in addition to commercial photography and graphic design in both practice and teaching.

In addition to letterpress printing at Ars Brevis Press, Harper teaches graphic design and letterpress/book arts at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith where she runs the letterpress/book arts studio, Underground Ink. She has been a past board member of AIGA-Cincinnati as well as a founding board member of the Cincinnati Book Arts Society. Other associations include the College Book Arts Association, American Printing History Association, and the Fine Press Book Assocation.

There are many online resources to help you learn more about letterpress printing. These include directories and information pages such as The American Amateur Press Association, and Briar Press.

To learn more about educational opportunities in letterpress and book arts, please visit The Book Arts Web at philobiblon.com